Sugar Crush

Sugar Crush is an element in Candy Crush Saga which is triggered when a player completes the objectives of the level, for example when all the jelly is cleared in jelly levels and all the cascades have stopped.

When the level is complete, the voice will announce, “Sugar Crush!” and the same words appear on the screen. The sugar crush is a reward and a way to get extra points for every move you have remaining when the level is complete.

In moves levels, winning or losing is determined based on your score after Sugar Crush ends.

Normally what happens is that after the Sugar Crush is announced, all the special candies at the top left on the screen automatically activate. They then work their way to the right and down. The special candies go off in this order: Coconut wheel, UFO, wrapped candies, striped candies, colour bombs than other booster candies (jelly fish, lucky candy). All these are done in reading order (i.e. from left to right and top row to bottom row). Any new special candies formed during cascade will change the sequence. (i.e. There are only striped candies, but if a wrapped candy is made from the cascade, that wrapped candy will go off first after the same cascade.) Some of the special candies will be converted during the process.

  • On the Flash version, coconut wheels and UFOs will stay after all other processes. On HTML5 however, they are immediately processed before the next object activates.

If you have no moves remaining but still some special candies on the board, they will be removed during sugar crush. In moves levels, if you have no remaining moves and no special candies, there will not be any sugar crush at all. 

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